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August 18, 2016

Stay on top of your local game

In a game where no one can afford to be left behind, many local businesses simply can’t afford to keep up. Limited resources can severely limit a smaller brand’s marketing options, but that’s where you come in. Yes, you, you big, shiny skyscraper of a design genius, you! Top tier clients certainly have their perks, but opportunities in your own backyard can be just as rewarding.

Play to your passions
If you’re a designer/grill enthusiast, who markets for high-end handbags, I’ve got some bad news: you’ll never get Louis Vuitton to market a solid jalapeno cheeseburger. The truth is, while we all love the clients we’ve got – ours are awesome – they don’t always let us play to our passions. You’re local game, however, is a great way to expand your portfolio – and skillset – to include the stuff you’re into.

Game on
In our case, we like sports and design. So when the opportunity to brand a local Pee Wee football team reared its beautiful noggin, how could we refuse? Our budget may have been zero, and our timeframe clinically insane, but hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge? In 3 days time, we were able to design a logo, a full apparel line, banners, other collateral and an e-commerce site for the team. And despite the quick turnaround, we were still able to indulge in a little personal philosophy – the importance of paper. We believe that hand skills, like sketching, should never play second base to working on the computer. Here’s a little taste:


Its own reward
Sometimes, a little work on the sidelines can go a long way on the field, and our work with the Syracuse Storm showed us this firsthand. As many locals know, the Hamblin family – head coach for the Storm – recently lost their niece to a tragic accident, and the team’s new website provided the perfect outlet to give the Hamblins a helping hand. After a fund had been setup in their niece’s name, we started accepting donations on her behalf – 100% of which are going to help the family in their time of sorrow. Local gigs might not always pay, but that doesn’t mean they’re not totally worth it.

To donate to the Hamblins, please visit and click on “Marli.”
We thank you all for your help.




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