August 13, 2014


Mobile technology has turned the old phrase “location is everything,” into “location is everywhere.” No matter where you are – except for maybe North Korea or the bike aisle at Walmart – if you’ve got a mobile device, then you’ve got access to it all. For the everyman, this means news, entertainment, and shopping on the go, but for us marketers, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to mobilize.

So why the hesitation? I mean, mobile is more central to business success than ever before. We all know this, but isn’t it funny how we can still get hung up over what to do about it? According to Forbes, mobile traffic from 2012 to 2013 grew 125%, and your average Joe Schmoe spends upwards of 127 minutes a day fiddling with his mobile apps. As cell phones interfaces become easier to steer, and Angry birds harder to clear, you know that these numbers will only increase, and with it, opportunity.

In order to win this mobile market, however, you first need to win at mobile. And in order to win at mobile, you need to check this out:

That link, my friends, is Google’s Mobile Playbook, and it’s a wicked good read. It covers a plethora of useful tips, tricks and how-to’s for good mobile marketing, and discusses when to build an app, what multi-screen marketing means, how to address transparency, and much, much more. So next time you’ve got a marketing campaign coming up, be sure to check in with this great resource first. Then get out there and mobilize.

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