Keep Calm and Get Your NomNom On

Recently our team had the opportunity to contribute to a really exciting project. Along with a team of perfect strangers we had the chance to start a company, build the brand, construct a mobile application and launch a minimum viable product. Oh… and did I mention we did all that in just short of three days?

Yep, you read me right. As part of a Google Startup Weekend held in Provo, Utah two members of the R2 family joined forces with a team of 7 other industry pros with specialties that ran the spectrum from business development, iOS and Android development to internet security, and us for visual communication and web design.

Over the course of the following 52 hours, breaking only for a few hours to sleep our team successfully formed a new company, NomNom Finder, developed a logo, color palette, collateral material, landing page and our MVP a fully functional app for iOS.

Since that time NomNom Finder, an app for iOS and now Android devices designed to locate food trucks on the move has successfully been downloaded thousands of times and is now helping food truck fans find their favorite “noms” everyday!

Check out our work in action, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play store here.

Or learn more online here.

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