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February 15, 2015

How ‘bout them Apples?

Without Steve at the helm, Apple’s announcements might be a little underwhelming, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth watching. Even if you weren’t particularly thrilled with last Tuesday’s show, the impact of Apple’s new reveals are sure to be felt by customers and designers alike. Here’s our quick take:

Fat-fingered Candy Crush players rejoice! The iPhone 6’s 4.7” retina display is almost 18% larger than the iPhone 5, and the 6Plus – coming in at 5.5” – is even bigger. This is a godsend for both consumers and Apple alike, as browsing on 4-inch devices is sooo last year – down 11% YoY. But what do these size changes mean for us designers? Everything!

Adobe’s 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report found that people prefer mobile devices with screens 5” or larger when browsing the net. So with their older, smaller phones, Apple wasn’t just risking their browser share – their users weren’t “mobilizing” to their full potential! But now that Apple has joined the big boy club, you’re likely to see a spike in mobile activity, as people trade in yesteryear’s flavor for an iPhone 6.

So, designer boy! If you haven’t accommodated your site for mobile yet, you better get cookin’! People are already spending more and more time and money – don’t even get us started on Apple Pay! – online as it is, and you’ll definitely want to be able to meet new customer volume and expectations when the iPhone 6 hits.

Wearable tech
Whether or not you feel like Apple fell too far from the tree with Apple Watch, you can’t escape the fact that wearable tech is likely here to stay – it’s straight-up Dick Tracy for crying out loud! Who in their right mind would give that up?! So even if the first bushel of Apple Watches turns out to be rotten, you can bet that R&D will hit the drawing board, and work to perfect it. Letting users navigate, zoom and scroll their way across the information superhighway, simply by looking at their wrist, is an interesting concept. And it’s anyone’s guess how it will affect UX/UI. So stay on your toes designers! And definitely stay informed.

As Apple goes, so goes the world
When the world’s most valuable brand does something innovative, people tend to listen and follow suit. It’s pretty clear that Apple is still tomorrow’s trendsetter, and will continue to be for years to come – even if “Samsung did it first!” So no matter what your opinions about the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch are, try to resist the urge to chalk it up as something that won’t last. Like we talked about in Don’t Look So Retinasty, Apple isn’t really into the business of passing fads. And as designers, neither are we. So take last Tuesday’s show to heart, and start thinking of how Apple’s latest and greatest could help you change your game.

Did you watch Apple’s unveiling this year? How do you think the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch will affect your marketing and design?

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