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April 7, 2015

Get Surreal

You know how Salvador Dalí believed himself to be the reincarnation of his brother? Well, Mario Sánchez Nevado could be the reincarnation of Dalí. In fact, they could share a Wikipedia page if they wanted to – both hail from Spain; both dabble in a wide range of media; and both are masters of surrealism.

Today, Mario is a freelance illustrator, art director and photographer, currently operating his own design studio, Aégis, out of Madrid. And as you can see, his work is killer. His illustrations are nothing short of incredible, and they’ve travelled all over the world with creative exhibitions – even finding themselves in New York’s MoMA and Guggenheim museums.

Despite his obvious artistic genius, however, Mario’s true passion lies in storytelling, and once upon a time, he wrote the word instead of drawing it. But now he combines all of his many skills – illustration, photography, and digital imaging – to tell his tales, having “switched my old typewriter for a handful of colors.” In a world where minimalistic flat design seems to rule the day, Mario’s intricate works are a breath of fresh air.

Whether you dig his art or not, you can’t deny that Mario’s style is solid, and the visual stories he tells are absolutely mesmerizing. Like Dalí of old, many of his works are heavily influenced by the politics of his day, and you can spy Mario’s societal critiques if you read between the pixels.

Be sure to check out Mario’s full portfolio here, and follow him on social media. Tell him R2 sent ya!

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