octubre 1, 2017

How Strong is Your Corporate Brand?

It’s not just a logo, or a catch phrase. It’s the employees, the clients, the overall purpose and face of your entire business. It’s your brand. Which makes it one of the most important, and by default one of the most difficult, aspects of your company to create and maintain. If you’re struggling with the branding of your company, here are a few things to consider.

First, you need to perform a brand audit.

This is where you need to step back and look critically at your current brand and what its communicating, if anything at all. Some things to consider would be what are the pros and cons of your current brand. Is it easily recognizable? Does it have a clear message of the sort of company you have? Is your brand spread uniformly throughout your business and are all of your employees on the same page about what your brand’s standards should be? If you’re struggling with your critique, you can also have a professional take a look and offer some suggestions. We happen to offer this service to our clients as we go through the steps of reimagining and reinforcing their brand. For a brand audit, contact us at our webpage at

After finding some strengths and weaknesses about your brand, now comes the time for brainstorming.

At this point, you need to start answering the previous questions more in depth. Such as, what is the message you want to communicate to potential clients with your brand? How would you like your brand to represent what your company stands for? Essentially, you need to answer who, what, where, when, and why about your business brand. Again, this may be a good time to consider having a professional take a look and offer some ideas and perhaps designs as to what your brand may look like depending on what you’d like your brand to communicate. I stress the use of a professional especially at this stage since it’s unlikely you’d find a family member or employee with a mind for marketing in addition to design skills.

Finally, it’s time to create your brand.

Now, if you haven’t used a professional before, you’re going to want one now. This is the stage where you want your brand images, designs, ads, documents, and whatever else your business may need on file and done by a professional. For some a single designer may be all you need, for others, a larger team may be required in order to ensure your brand is uniform and distributed in every single business avenue you may need. Consistency, is key to a strong and recognizable brand. After all, McDonalds and several other international businesses wouldn’t be what they are today without a consistent, recognizable brand.

Of course, this can get expensive. You can risk your business brand on a cheap designer, goodness knows you can find some fairly quickly with a google search. However, there are alternative solutions that may be better fitting to your needs, especially if they vary. Design teams or virtual offices may be a better solution, as they often provide a large skill set for a relatively smaller price tag. R2 Media Group happens to be one of these creative-one-stop-shops, where not only you can receive an honest review of your business brand, but brand creation and marketing in whatever format you choose as well.

For more information and/or a brand audit, please contact us at our home page

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