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Design Tips For Your Business Website

Creating a website for your business can be a daunting task for many. Especially if you are the one designing it yourself. You may wonder what exactly you should sink your time and efforts into the most, or whether it’s more worthwhile to hire a designer to do it for you. Either way, here are some design tips to consider while building your website.

Use Your Common Sense

It should go without saying, but if it has nothing to do with your business and what you’re trying to promote, don’t put it on your website. For instance, if you happen to sell clothing then don’t put anything on your website that is not about selling your clothes. No silly pictures, no random information, just your business and what it promotes. For an example of a bad website, look at what was in 2013:

Not to mention the copious amounts of hard to read and colorful text…

From the random middle aged man to the diving graphics, one can easily surmise that this website is cluttered. Even worse, it’s fairly difficult to tell at first glance what offers service wise. Even with the name and the various pictures of containers, a random user would only know that it has something to do with bottles, but not what exactly. Which of course, is bad for business. Thankfully, this particular website since 2013 has had a massive makeover to have this beautiful interactive header:

Though not perfect, with this cleaned up home page and an interactive bottle lineup, this header is not only simple, but effective. From it, a user is now able to easily see that this particular website not only offers copious amounts of information on particular bottle types, but also collects and appraises bottles alongside the Wisconsin Antique Advertising Club. Simple, effective, and no middle aged men.

It’s All About your Audience

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when designing your website is to ask the question who are you designing this website for? For instance, if your particular business is catering towards servicing other businesses, it might not be beneficial to you to cover it in neon colors with every single service you offer as seen in this example:

Cluttered and eye searing colors = probably little to no business.

This particular website conveys zero professionalism, and most would be hesitant to do business with this particular person.  However, don’t let this put you off neon colors entirely.  If your business caters towards the general public, the former description may result in a beautifully designed website for a number of different avenues.

It’s all about how you use it.

Furthermore, it may be beneficial to consider your audience’s disabilities. For instance, depending on your chosen color palette, a color blind person may have difficulty actually seeing what’s on your webpage. Which puts off about 8% of the population from ever using your website, and may cause you to lose potential profit.

It makes my eyes cry too.

You can read more about this topic here.

Easy Navigation

When I consider designing anything, my first thought goes to whether or not my technologically inept grandmother would be capable of navigating it. In my experience, less is more. Of course, depending on your needs you may not be able to cram everything your business does in a few simple categories. However, the longer the list of information, the more one treads towards a user becoming frustrated and confused while using your website. Design cautiously and put the most important aspects of your business up front and center.

When to Call in a Designer

In short, if you are a wizard at web design already and you have time to spare, buy your domain name and have at it. If you are not however, you may want to consider having someone create the website for you in order to spare you time and frustration. Another thing to consider on when to call a designer is future website maintenance. At any point you want to add an article or a new product, you’re going to have to figure out how to put it on your website or risk looking like an unproductive, dead business. Of course, R2 Media Group offers both services to clients and has plenty of experience in doing so. We have served many clients from small ma and pa shops to large multinational operations in the creation and maintenance of their websites. If you are interested in our services to help make your website creation to live up to your business potential, or if you still have a few questions, contact us at our website We’d be happy to help you!

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